Soundscape / Improv Journey


 The tracks here have been specifically recorded for journeying within, whether to accompany quiet, meditative reflection time, for more dynamic, active  meditation or for inner work in ceremony spaces. Some are guided with spoken word, most allow solely the music to create the sacred space. These are not created for entertainment, rather to open a space for the listener to have deep communion within.

The music here generally appears as improvisation, it captures a specific moment in time, blessed by the wild natural surroundings of mountains and rainforest.  The recordings take place at the beautiful temple at the isolated Terramaya Retreat Centre in Brazil, and the studio setup is powered by solar panels. 

As the recordings have not been professionally mixed and mastered, they are not yet available to buy.  For now they can be streamed, and perhaps in the future this project will develop into offering downloadable recordings of professional quality.  If you wish for this, do let us know as your feedback will give the motivation! And check back here, as tracks will continue to appear!