Shining Through

Brigid white gentler.jpeg

I invite You…
to dive Through to the Core of your being,
where you see the divine BeYouty that lies within.

Let this essence come Shining Through,
and be the powerful Woman or Man that is You.

Let’s Just Be the love inside
as we Surrender to the Flow of Life.. Until the End.

’Til then..
I yearn to Merge With You into the Oneness of Existence,
as we dance our way back home,
singing in celebration:
“Jai Ambe” - Praise to Creation!

Forever Thankful for all that is given.

We Are the Ones we’ve been waiting for!


The Artists

The musicians that bless Shining Through with their sounds

The musicians that bless Shining Through with their sounds


Marcelo Benardes:  production, flutes, clarinets, saxophones

Claudio Infante: drumkit                  

Nailson Naife Simões: multi-percussion      

Julio  Pimentel: tabla, udu

Rodrigo Villa: bass            

Marcelo Caldi: piano, accordian        

Burkina Faso Mboka Lia: Congolese electric guitar

Nilo Maia: electric guitar

Danielle Van Driel Veltman: harp    

Wilma Pistorius: cello

Frauke Richter: backing vocals  

Niko Meinhold: kalimba                

Mateus Dias: sound engineer

Others on trumpet, trombone and violin

and Milli: vocals, acoustic guitar, sarangi, dulcimer