Private Lessons & Apprenticeship

I truly believe that each one of us has music inside.

It is my life exploration to connect to, and express, the music within me moment to moment, and also to help others to discover their own music.

Sometimes this may through the more structured aspects of developing theoretical understanding or giving tips and exercises for improving technique. At other times, this will be through creating a safe space and being a "sonic mirror” to encourage people to go beyond limitations of the mind and access their innate creativity. This intuitive way of allowing music to flow is an exciting journey of discovery, that is very often profound and immensely rewarding.

Milli offers private music lessons, either as single sessions or as an apprenticeship- daily lessons for a set time period.

Focus can include voice, guitar, flute, sarangi, music theory, improvisation and songwriting.

Single lessons are $50, price for apprenticeship to be agreed.

Please email for inquiries.