Music In Paradise

This musical adventure is an opportunity to explore your Self and your expressions in a fun and inclusive way.

We will dive into the power of the breath, the voice and movement to connect to our inner world, releasing limitations that hold back our natural flow of creative energy, and setting free our spontaneous, unique musical expression with the support of community.

  • Exploring rhythm, harmony and melody to enrich musical understanding.

  • Experimenting with techniques to expand the expressive possibilities of the voice

  • Nourishing ourselves through the healing power of sound. 

  • And opening us up to the joy, aliveness, fun and freedom of music making!

Expect rhythm jams, call and response, circle songs, sacred sound, silence, improvisation, intuitive movement, and more..  

NO PREVIOUS MUSICAL OR WORKSHOP EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED... just your desire to play within and enjoy the healing world of sound.


01th April: Arrival day

02th-06th: Music in Paradise

07th: Leaving day / Rest day if attending subsequent workshops