Medicine Songs & Mantras

This is the beginnings of a resource page for medicine songs and mantras, for those that want to listen and for those that want to learn.  Each song is listed along with the lyrics and chords, so you can sing along and learn to play on guitar/ keys etc as well. 


My intention is to gradually share here many of the songs I sing, just as I tend to sing them - extended ceremony versions with lots of improvisation.  This of course takes time, energy, good equipment etc, so if you wish to support and encourage me to continue with this project, your financial contributions will be gratefully received. And do check back from time to time as more will appear!

Where known, the original composer is noted.  Many thanks to each one for gifting these precious songs to the world. No copywrite infringement is intended.

The songs are recorded at the beautiful temple at the isolated Terramaya Retreat Centre in Brazil, and the studio setup is powered by solar panels. You may hear at times the nature around - wind, water, fire, birds, bugs, frogs, dogs and cows! The recordings are uncut and unedited, raw as the moment they appeared, save for the occasional tweak to remove a bark at really the wrong moment! 

May these songs connect you to the wild nature of this place, and your own inner nature- from the still to the storm to the sun and everything in between.  I wish that they bless you as much as they have blessed me :-)


Lyrics for All the Earth is Sacred


Lyrics for All is Welcome Here


Lyrics for Good Where Iā€™m From


Lyrics for Lokah Samastha


 Mother I Feel You