Hi, Milli here...

I’d like to tell you what I’m about, rather than tell you about me, as to me it’s more important where I’m coming from than what I’ve done, what comes from the inside out rather than just the external story.

To me, life is music, music is life.

My journey as a musician is inextricably linked with my spiritual path.  As I grow, touch deeper levels of my being, and learn to embrace them all, so my music gets richer and more varied.

Improvisation in music teaches me to improvise in life, to respond to the energy and situation of the moment, without being burdened by past baggage and limited conditionings.

Putting my trust in the unknown of the next musical moment teaches me trust in life.

There are many, many other parallels which I won’t go into here.  The music in the moment speaks for itself.

It is my intention, and life’s work, to come ever deeper into authenticity and a natural state of being and to create a space for others to do the same.

The ways that I’ve found most conducive to find that freedom and an open heart are through music, dance, breathwork, understanding the mechanisms of the mind, and gathering together in circle and community. 

Through live events, audio recordings (songs, mantras or soundscape journeying music), guided meditations, workshops and retreats, apprenticeships and tutorial videos, I humbly invite you to come deeper into yourself, to come home to the precious being that you are. 

As I continue on this path, the ways of sharing this journey into truth, freedom and love continue to develop, so.. (stay tuned?!)