Wild Woman Workshop

The Call of the Wild… the Wild Woman Within


Inside each of us lies a Wild Woman. A Wild Woman that hasn’t been tamed by the demands of society. A Wild Woman that trusts in the intuitive wisdom of her body. A Wild Woman that is guided not by dogma but by the innate wisdom she carries.

It is She that speaks her truth, moves her truth and has the courage to forge her own path in the world.

It is She that is able to feel her fear, and choose how to respond to it.

It is She that can protect boundaries with a powerful and fierce presence.

It is She that fully embraces the sensual and erotic pleasure of her body.

It is She that can meet and be met from the depths of her being.

It is She that honours the natural world, and the cycles of life and death.

She lives in a natural, free state of being, totally accepting all that she is now, all that she’s been and all that she will be.

She knows herself as a precious part of the greater flow of existence, seamlessly flowing between conscious choice and a state of empowered surrender.

Her tenderness is immense, her compassion unbounded, her love unconditional. 

Wild Woman Workshop is a sacred gathering of women to honour, nourish and give space for the Wild Women Within. Her voice will be heard, her dance will be danced. Through the breath She will be brought more deeply and fully to life.

With the support of the circle of sisters, we will explore various tools to reclaim our wild nature, unleash our creative essence and stand strong in our unique and empowered selves.


Please note, this workshop is for women only!