Improvisation in music teaches me to improvise in life, to respond to the energy and situation of the moment, without being burdened by past baggage and limited conditionings. Putting my trust in the unknown of the next musical moment teaches me trust in life.
— Milli moonstone

Welcome, I’m Milli

I share my passionate love of music as a path for healing, transformation and empowerment. Through many years of experience as a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, improviser and inner voyager, I’ve discovered and developed a variety of ways to deepen our connection to ourselves, each other and to life through sound. I offer an eclectic range of musical recordings, meditations, events and workshops, all with the intention to open a space for each one to feel more deeply at home within themselves.

Shining Through


Milli’s 2nd studio album, a collection of heart songs born from her own inner explorations. Released March 2018.

Medicine Songs & Mantras


A resource page for medicine songs and mantras, for those that want to listen and for those that want to learn.

Musical Journeys & Guided Meditations

Music and words to accompany meditation and inner journeys

Milli Moonstone’s deeply heartfelt and sacred music holds you completely in the unconditional love of the divine feminine, creating the space for deep transformation and healing...
— Christopher Chalmers, UK